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Project Description


Imagine sitting high above the crowd in mid-air with your feet dangling, then “CLICK!” and you suddenly drop and accelerate toward the ground below as you scream aloud with surprise and nervous excitement. SUPER SHOT is a towering ride that quickly becomes the star attraction as it elevates riders to a breathtaking view from above before it plummets them on dare-devil drop back down to the Earth. SUPER SHOT converts screams into smiles as the seating ring glides to an easy stop at the bottom with its magnetic braking system. That is the SUPER SHOT drop tower experience that families are eager to come back and ride again and again.

SUPER SHOT drop towers are now available in both park and portable models. Park models are custom built to meet the specifications of each individual location. The portable version now features a retracting trailer for a smaller footprint. See below for additional information on each model.

  • SUPER SHOT PARK – 140ft tall / 12 riders
  • SUPER SHOT 200 – 90ft / 12 riders
  • SUPER SHOT 300 – 105ft / 12 riders
  • SUPER SHOT 400 – 70ft / 12 riders


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