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ULTRA LIGHT is the industry standard for amusement ride lighting, requiring less maintenance and fewer replacements than other lighting fixtures available. ULTRA LIGHT uses a simple four-piece design to make installation fast and easy. The standard E-14 socket reduces the need for maintaining costly inventory.

With ULTRALIGHT OEMs can enjoy reduced labor and inventory costs of up to 50% per socket through quick assembly.

Air or manual assembly tooling with interchangeable heads provide for fast, foolproof wiring using 12, 14, 16 or 18 gauge wire. The one-piece socket can be inserted into either a round hole or a double D punched hole and is secured with an external nut using a standard 11/8 or 30mm 12 point socket.

ULTRALIGHT represents the next generation of amusement ride lighting designed especially for the amusement ride industry.

ULTRALIGHT is the only cabochon-style lighting fixture to utilize a socket recognized by UL* and CSA* to meet both indoor and outdoor National Electrical Code specifications.

ULTRALIGHT sockets are made from heat-stabilized nylon with nickel silver terminals to prevent corrosion. ULTRALIGHT socket rings are made from automotive grade heat-stabilized nylon for added UV protection and to eliminate the need for thread lubricants.

ULTRALIGHT lenses are made from GE lexan in both large and small sizes and are available in 12 translucent colors. Lens body snaps onto the socket ring, allowing free lens rotation for tamper-proof installation and preventing unwanted removal by patrons. Lens caps snap off to allowing easy access to bulbs for replacement.

With the optional ULTRA LIGHT adapter ring, you can replace most other brands of lighting lenses with the ULTRA LIGHT lens that makes for quick and easy replacement.

ULTRA LIGHT sockets accept all ratings of E-14 base bulbs.